It's the year of the squirrel

Hodlcoin is CPU mineable, by the people for the people
Rewards are earned on active HODL balances or you can lock your HODL away for a term and earn more
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The serious cryptocurrency that doesn't take itself too seriously

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hodl specifications

5% interest is paid on regular balances, and up to 10% interest is paid on coins HODL'd for 1 year. No staking, mining, or counterparty is required. Interest is guaranteed by the blockchain.

Fair launch

No Premine/Instamine/Ninja

Block time

154 seconds


50 HODL subsidy per block

Proof of work

1GB AES Pattern Search POW


Every 4 years


Bitcoin 0.11.2

Maximum Supply

191,586,500 HODL By March 2020, followed by 5.5% inflation rate, declining to 3% over 16 years

Nominal Interest Rate

5% APR

Term Deposit Nominal Interest Rate

Max of 9.9% APR for 1 Year Term



RPC Port


Testnet Port


Proof of Work

1GB AES Pattern Search POW. Pattern Search involves filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data. Pattern Search is an evolution of the ProtoShares Momentum PoW, first used in MemoryCoin and later modified for use in CryptoNight(Monero,Bytecoin), Ethash(Ethereum). CPU/GPU friendly.

wallet download

Download the latest HOdl client to get started



Source code

Online wallet

Paper wallet


The Standard Interest Rate

is paid on regular balances (outputs), on every block, for a period of up to 30 days (561x30 blocks). The rate is approximately 5% APR or (1/2^22)%, compounded every block. Interest is paid on casual balances for up to 30 days.

Term Deposits

If you lock an amount of HODL as a term deposit, you get a bonus on the interest. The longer the deposit, the bigger the bonus.

Term deposit Rates:

1 year term (9.9% APR)
6 month term (9.1% APR)
3 month term (7.75% APR)
1 month term (6.1% APR)
Active balance (5% APR)

Current interest Rates

Current bonus rate:
Standard Rate:
Total APR:
Daily Rate:

Term Deposit Calculator

Principal (Hodlcoins):
Interest From Standard Rate:
Interest From Bonus Rate:
Bonus Due to Term Deposit:
Total Interest At Maturation:
Principal plus Interest:

get hodlcoin

HODL can be purchased directly on an exchange. It can also be mined via a computationally-complex blockchain-based process using only a CPU. This means that almost anyone with a computer can mine HODL. More details about the mining process can be found in the specifications section and elsewhere throughout the HOdlverse. Exchange and mining related links can be found below.


A cryptocurrency exchange is a place to buy and sell HODL for Bitcoin(BTC) or other cryptocurrencies. It is a real live marketplace where the exchange rate changes with the supply and demand of HODL and the interests of traders.

Mining pool

A mining pool is a service that allows multiple people to combine their computational power in order to generate one block (thus creating more HODL) and share the reward.

Get involved with HOdlcoin

Whether crypto novice or guru, there are many good reasons to go with HODL, the name that is synonymous with cryptocurrency. ....and don't forget to check out HODLDAY.COM, as it features our roadmap. A community HUB, documentation, downloads, step by step guides for beginners, a cryptocurrency learning center, and more will soon be available there.

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The squirrel is the official animal of HOdlcoin. The squirrel is the animal kingdom’s natural HOdler.
“HODL California” is the official song of HOdlcoin. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.
HODL. It rhymes with Yodel. Yodeling is also the official musical style of HOdlcoin.
The nut. There are 100,000,000 nuts in one HODL.
Because we suck at trading and we know we suck at trading if you can pit pat piffy wing wong wang make a milino bucks no problem bro then you don’t need to hodl.
December 21, the winter solstice, and the first day of winter in many parts of the world. In the southern hemisphere it may be the longest day of the year, which means more time for hodlin'. Therefore, It's also the natural time to HOdl and celebrate hodl related activities and achievements.

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